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Naturcode’s techno-ethical labeling aims to conquer Andalucía Sabor

Naturcode’s techno-ethical labeling aims to conquer Andalucía Sabor

The start-up Naturcode will participate in the seventh edition of Andalucía Sabor, which will take place from September 23 to 25 at the FIBES I fairgrounds, inside the Conference and Exhibition Center of Seville.


Organized by the Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, the exhibition aims to bring together all the region’s agri-food offerings to strengthen their presence in the national and international markets. It will be a space where exhibiting companies can establish valuable contacts, generate business opportunities, and explore new markets.


This new edition has digitalization as a key topic. With this innovative spirit, Andalucía Sabor has opted to put the spotlight on the participating companies and enhance their visibility.


To achieve this, the Regional Government of Andalusia has contracted the services of Naturcode, the first platform in our country that provides a solution that connects directly agri-food producers and consumers through the ethical labeling of products.


Born in Andalusia and recognized by the Cerdà Institute, Naturcode believes that transparent, reliable and ethical information will lead production, distribution and consumption into a more profitable and sustainable model. Naturcode offers to consumers information about agri-food products as well as the possibility of doing evaluations, giving their opinions, and buying the products.


Naturcode’s system thus benefits both consumers, who receive all the relevant information about the products, and producers, who automatically discover how their offerings perform in the marketplace.


The platform lays the foundation for this relationship on its pioneering code of ethics, an instrument that includes the values and principles of the start-up, endorsed by four independent consumer associations.


The producers that subscribe to Naturcode’s smart labeling accept this code of ethics through which everything that happens in the agri-food distribution system is reported reliably and transparently.


Digitalization of Andalusian products through QR and NFC technologies


Naturcode has offered all the participating companies of Andalucía Sabor two ethical labels so they can experience the operation of the platform during the fair.


More than 120 producers, associations and organizations have requested the techno-ethical labels and almost 300 products will have this technology available during the event.


Visitors, just by bringing their mobile phones close to one of these labels, will access complete information. They will be able to learn from the origin of the product to contact details of the producer, as well as other information of interest that does not appear on conventional labels. This information will be available in Spanish and English.


The implementation of the NFC system, a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows the exchange of data between devices, reaches the Andalusian agri-food event thanks to the collaboration of Naturcode with Avery Dennison, a world leader in adhesive technologies.


To promote the use of these smart labels, a contest will be held where free subscriptions will be awarded to producers who achieve the highest number of scans and the best ratings.


In addition, Naturcode will have its own stand at the fair where companies and visitors will be able to learn about the project and how they can be part of this smart labeling revolution.

Naturcode participates as a success story in the conference on ‘Digitalization of the Food Industry’ of the Granada Chamber of Commerce

Naturcode participates as a success story in the conference on ‘Digitalization of the Food Industry’ of the Granada Chamber of Commerce

Last Thursday, February 25, Fernando Vázquez, CEO and founder of Naturcode, participated in the webinar organized by the Granada Chamber of Commerce under the title ‘Digitalization of the Food Industry’. The main objective of this event was to discuss the current situation of Granada’s food industry in the digital environment, for which it brought together seven influential experts from the sector.


The director of Industries, Innovation and Agri-food Chain, Cristina del Toro, kicked-off the event acknowledging the work of the companies and thanking them for their participation in the webinar. The topics discussed in the event were the promotion of entrepreneurship in the digital environment and the evaluation of the role of technology centers in the digitalization and internationalization of companies.


Naturcode was represented by its CEO, Fernando Vázquez, who explained the main functions of this tool. He continued with a description of Naturcode’s competitive environment and its journey, providing participants with a timeline of achievements, where reference was made to the evolution that the company has undergone from its beginnings to the present date.


In addition, he explained the key aspects that have led to smart labeling being one of the priorities for those companies that seek to go one step further, entering fully into the digital world.


A presentation of the advantages of using Naturcode and how they benefit each and every one of the parts of the agri-food chain were key aspects to capture the attention of those attending the event.


As the CEO of Naturcode commented, “the buying habits of the Spanish people have changed, placing digitalization not only as an option, but as a necessity. This is the main reason why a large part of Spaniards prefers to shop in stores of the large chains, while at the same time small local stores are losing customers. In our country, only 100,000 of the 900,000 products that are commercialized invest in digitalization, which translates into 90% of analog products”.



Naturcode believes that information is one of the main sources of value for a brand, since “complying with the regulations has gone from being an obligation to becoming a necessity, which has resulted in a considerably increase in its role as a competitiveness factor”, pointed out Fernando Vázquez. In addition, he stated that “in the case of products labeled with Naturcode, when the consumers find out that there is a scientific committee behind them, their mindset changes, and their trust and confidence in the product increase. In the end, this leads to an increase of value across the entire agri-food chain”.


Fernando Vázquez concluded his presentation with the following idea:

“Truthful and transparent information is essential if we want to change the shopping cart for the action cart”.