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Tired of not finding the information you need on the label?

Naturcode is the direct connectivity solution between agri-food producers and consumers. By scanning our standardized QR codes the consumer gets the relevant information that they look for on the label and in turn the producer automatically receives feedback from the consumer. This is the purpose of Naturcode, to create a communication channel of 360 degrees that is also built on the values ​​of transparency, equity and democracy in the use of technology.

What do I get as a Consumer?

Obtain the broadest information about, product, ingredients, allergens... we have in hand, with a simple scan from the camera of my mobile

Receive quick, clearand structured information that other QR codes don’t provide.

Receive the information directly in my own language even if the label is offers it in a different language.

Know other products that may interest me and know how to buy them.

Discover more in the demonstration videos.

Contact with the producers and leave a comment or a review on the products

«Naturcode is a tool that will guarantee our products and I think it will be necessary for the sector in the short term.»

Cristobal Picón

CEO, Coophuelva

What do I get as a Producer?

Strengthen consumer information channels, with the transparency they demand today.

Obtaining consumer metrics and analytics, about their own label and about the sector, in an easy-to-read format.

Improvement of the organic positioning of my brand on the internet.

Support service.

I have a commercial channel for specific promotions and a direct connection with consumers.

Self-management of the information of my products in real time and from any device.

Participate in the community of products and producers of Naturcode and the advantages of cooperation.

Cross sale of my products.

In addition to a continuous technological and functional improvement as the tastes and needs of consumers and producers evolve, creating a standard for the use of QR codes in food products

This and much more is Naturcode

Smart labeling for agri-food producers

Endorsed by:

«The consumer is demanding much more reliable and truthful information from the source to the entire production chain. If we facilitate and respond to that demand, the consumer will be more satisfied.»

Antonio Jiménez

Deputy Director General, Manzanilla Olive

Some of our clients:

«Information is the fundamental basis for decision-making in any sector of the economy. With good information such as that provided by Naturcode, consumers could be much more successful in their decision making when buying a product and supporting quality producers.»

Luis Martinez

Director, Valhalla Wineries

What the press says about us

Naturcode, among the 20 cases of innovation highlighted by the Institut Cerdá