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How smart labels work


With your Naturcode account you can access your producer control panel and enter all the information about you, your brand and where your products are developed.


Then you can include each of your products with all the data you want the consumer to see when scanning your label. Description, photos, video, documentation, etc …


Naturcode will automatically create a QR code for each product. This code directs the consumer to a web space of your product with all the data you have entered. The data will be shown to the consumer with a striking design and adaptable to the device with which it is connected. In addition, the product is added to our digital marketplace.


Then you just have to download the QR code and include it in your usual label. If you want to modify or add any information you can do it at any time, even if the labels are already printed.


The consumer just scan your label will have access to all the information and even the option to buy your product directly. Also, as your product will be in our marketplace, the consumer will have multiple ways to reach your product without you having to do any additional action.


If you have any other question or problem, please contact us by email

  • What does Naturcode offer me that I can not have if I develop my own platform?
    Having your own platform entails a series of unavoidable costs. You must invest in infrastructure (servers, domains, etc …) and qualified personnel to develop the platform (designers, programmers, etc …). In addition the maintenance of the same and the development of new functionalities can perpetuate those costs. To this we must unite the time it takes to create the platform and of course your management time. All this together with the cost of promotional actions (SEO, SEM, Social Networks, etc …) quickly becomes something prohibitive. At Naturcode we give you everything for a closed quota that is a tiny fraction of the cost of your own development. No worries and starting today. All this is possible because the costs do not only affect you, or your brand, but all producers and brands within Naturcode with the strength that this union provides to each of its members.
  • Who can change or modify smart labels?
    You can manage the platform yourself, at any time, it is very simple and like other applications from the mobile, tablet or desktop computer
  • I sell wholesale or no brand. Am I interested in Naturcode?
    Naturcode is for users with a brand or who want to have it at some point since you will enter a directory of producers that will be available for potential buyers.
  • Do I have to fill in all the documentation if it is not obligatory or I can not do it due to the characteristics of my product?
    Its use is optional, but the documentation that Naturcode allows to be included is usually requested by large buyers (as distribution platforms) and helps export processes. By including it, it will always be available for download.
  • Why put your QR if I already have QR in my tags?
    The Qr Naturcode directs the consumer to a unique web space of the labeled product. This space is developed following the most modern design standards (Google Material Design) and optimized so that its usability is excellent on any device. They also contain the most demanded information according to the surveys made to consumers by the Consumers Union, the Ministry of Agriculture and the distribution platforms interviewed (Socomo and Mercadona).
  • What if I already have the labels done but I do not have Qr?
    Even if you do not have time to include the QR code or you already have the printed labels, you will be positioning yourself within the marketplace of agri-food products that Naturcode offers when you introduce a product, whether you use the QR or not. As alternatives you can affix a label to each product later with the QR code.