How it works

Naturcode for consumers

You only have to scan the QR with the green leaflet you see on your product and it will allow you to find the information you are really interested in with guarantee and without advertising.

By clicking on the items in the following list, you can find out what Naturcode products look like.

QR Naturcode para consumidores
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Naturcode for producers


Brand and product registration

Producers, and later on, distributors, with a username and password can access and register their brands and products in an easy and intuitive way


Enter data

It is necessary to include all the requested data that the consumer knows in depth about the products, in addition to including labelling with the 6s food indicators: safe, healthy, sustainable, satisfactory, social and supportive.


Download the QR code

In the Naturcode panel, a Smart Label will be automatically created for every product. You can then download the distinctive Naturcode QR code with the green leaf, and incorporate it into the actual product label. It is possible to update the information at any time, even if the products are already at the point of sale

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Presentation to the consumer

The information will be shown to the consumer with a user-friendly image adapted to the device from which it is accessed. It is important to bear in mind that all the information must be authentic and truthful, since by registering with Naturcode there is a commitment to comply with its code of ethics, in which there are rewards and sanctions.


Trust and guarantee

The consumer will be able to consult all the information with confidence and the guarantee provided by the Naturcode QR code, in addition to evaluating and leaving reviews to recommend product to other consumers.

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Naturcode for distributors


Register your brand and all its stores


Add the QR codes for each product alongside the price to inform the consumer.

Build loyalty

Allows your customers to find and filter your assortment to increase their satisfaction.


Allow your customers to give you suggestions.


Discover your customers’ demands and their feedback, and easily monitor your key performance indicators to make the best decisions.