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Scientific Advisory Committee

Naturcode is supported by a Scientific Advisory Committee composed of independent experts, which is in charge of evaluating the food products included in the Naturcode platform through the application of the 6S framework (Safe, Salubrious, Sustainable, Satisfactory, Social, and Supportive).

In addition, the Scientific Advisory Committee interprets and offers guidelines on issues related to compliance with new legislation on food safety and nutrition.

Scientific Advisory Committee

Ana Troncoso

Full Professor, University of Seville

Gregorio Varela

Full Professor, San Pablo CEU University

Ángel Gil

Full Professor, University of Granada

Rafael Urrialde

Associate Professor, Complutense University of Madrid

Javier Aranceta

President, Royal Academy of Medicine of the Basque Country

President of the Scientific Committee, Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC)

Agreement signed on 11 March 2021

Composition and Role of Naturcode’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)


The development of standards and rules related to the naming of food products, ingredients, nutritional information, origin, and declaration of allergens by food producers, along with the increasing demand for information by consumers, makes it essential that the information provided in food products be complemented with parameters of sustainability, social relations, and the development of the gastronomic heritage. For these reasons, it is advisable to have the guidance of a group of independent experts to deal appropriately with these issues. Likewise, a set of checks and balances must be put in place to guarantee the veracity of the information provided so the consumer can make the most appropriate purchasing decisions based on their preferences, needs, and demands.


Role of the SAC:


• Develop and fine-tune the 6S framework for food products (Safe, Salubrious, Sustainable, Satisfactory, Social, and Supportive).

• Validate the evaluation criteria for the food products that are included in Naturcode.

• Review and approve a Q&A document that will be used by Naturcode to answer questions from consumers.

• Advise and represent Naturcode before scientific and technical organizations and forums.

• Represent the project before the media, always in a consensual manner and in coordination with Naturcode.

• Consultation on possible new definitions or aspects related to food information provided to consumers as provided for in Regulation 1169/2011.

• Advise and interpret new legislation on food safety and nutrition for its application where appropriate.


All the decisions made by the SAC will be totally independent. Naturcode reserves the right to decide on their implementation.




There is a commitment, both on the part of Naturcode and on each of the members of the SAC, to maintain and keep due confidentiality of all matters that are addressed within Naturcode and the SAC.




The SAC will have a maximum of seven (7) members and will be made up of individuals with proven academic and/or professional track record of excellence in the areas of food and nutrition. Any new member who joins the SAC must be approved unanimously, upon proposal of Naturcode.


Term of Membership


All members will be appointed to serve for four (4) years, with possibility of renewal upon agreement with Naturcode and ratification by each of the other members of the SAC. If a member wishes to terminate the agreement, their resignation must be ratified by the other committee members and approved by Naturcode. All issues related to confidentiality remain in place even after the collaboration agreement has been terminated.


Frequency of CCA meetings


The SAC will meet twice a year. Extraordinary meetings can be called to deal with urgent matters.


Remuneration and expenses


The remuneration to SAC members for their advisory activities and participation in meetings will be voluntary and at the discretion of Naturcode. Travel and accommodation expenses of the SAC members when participating in events, or for meetings with third parties, must be paid by the hosting organization and never by Naturcode.


Views and opinions of the SAC and its members


The views and opinions of the SAC, both individually and collectively, may or may not reflect those expressed or disseminated by Naturcode. The SAC’s role consists merely in providing external advice to Naturcode, not in making strategic decisions or conducting business activities for the company, except if it has been explicitly stated that it is formally acting as Naturcode’s representative.


Note: the sections Composition and Role of Naturcode’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and Role of the SAC will be made available on the Naturcode website.