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First pilot of Smart labeling for local products in stores in C&L

Our startup, Naturcode, is launching a pioneering project in Spain for smart labeling on food and beverage products, in collaboration with the Segovian Merchants Association, through the grant program of the Directorate General for Commerce and Consumer Affairs of the Junta of Castile and León. The five Castilian and Leonese establishments taking part in this experimental initiative are: Tierra de Sabor Club Selección, Faustino Prieto, Carnicería Maribel, Onzas de Sabor, and Carnicería Autoservicio Castilla.


The Segovian Merchants Association has come together to promote the trade of local agri-food products and beverages. To achieve this, they have created this special promotion through which, thanks to our e-labels, you will be able to discover the freshest and highest quality products from the region, along with the most relevant information and reviews from other consumers.


From the Naturcode team, we are extremely proud and grateful for the reception that our intelligent labeling on Segovian foods and products is receiving. Therefore, through this message, we also want to thank the following media outlets for their support and dissemination, in order to help the local commerce sector in Segovia to promote its most authentic products, as well as this interesting project that will enhance the value of local goods and drive other sectors forward, while making consumers increasingly aware and mindful in their purchases.


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