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The Spanish digital identification platform

Naturcode was born with the commitment to add value in a way that empowers the consumer with information to make a free and conscious purchase decision, placing them at the centre of the agri-food chain.

Collaboration in the use of data by producers, distributors and consumers represents a paradigm shift in the agri-food chain, leaving behind the status quo in which the consumer is mainly a passive subject. It will facilitate more sustainable and profitable decision-making, both for distributors in preparation of their product lines, and for producers in preparation and production.

Naturcode has an Advisory Council of Consumer Associations with a code of ethics and good practice, as well as a Scientific Advisory Committee, which is a guarantee of impartiality and transparency, generating the necessary trust for greater interaction between consumers and the agri-food chain through its smart labelling system.


Consensual, complementary information for conscious purchasingTransparent, reliable, and ethical

Thanks to the 1st Congress on Smart Labelling of Food and Beverages of Local Origin, held in March 2022 in Jabugo (Huelva), key actors involved in the agri-food chain were able to debate and reach a consensus on the complementary information that the consumer should receive.

Consumer associations, companies, food and beverage producer associations, national, regional and local administrations, as well as scientists and technicians from the food field participated and debated in this event in a collaborative and open manner.

The outcomes of meeting have been collected by Naturcode to offer the consumer additional impartial, transparent and truthful information that helps them make a conscious purchase decision based on knowledge of their preferences, needs and ethical commitments.


Collaborative, sustainable and profitable digitisation

Collaborative, sustainable and profitable digitisation

Faced with the challenge of digital transformation for European SMEs in the agri-food chain, which must join the digital market and compete solely on price, assuming compliance with demanding European food production regulations, Naturcode offers a democratic tool to access which guarantees benefits of collaborative digitisation.

The data obtained from consumer inquiries contribute to improving competitiveness, allowing more local products to be offered, as well as giving them greater visibility and allowing the possibility of attracting customers with recommendations and evaluations from other consumers.

This form of collaboration represents a positive disruption to existing models that can improve competitiveness and sustainability, especially for small local producers and distributors, through joint digitisation in the collaborative use of big data. Naturcode’s smart labelling offers information beyond quality and price, and allows constant feedback.


    Bidirectional channel on food products


    Objective evaluations carried out by a scientific committee based on the application of the 6S framework for food products (safe, salubrious, sustainable, satisfactory, social, and supportive).


    All producers who participate in Naturcode must subscribe to a Code of Ethics that is endorsed by four important consumer associations.


    Exchange of useful information occurs among producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.


    Information is provided to consumers in a digital format with low environmental impact, which helps them make more responsible and sustainable consumption of food products.

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