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Our project, your future

A pioneering Spanish platform

A pioneering platform, born in Spain and with a European vocation, for the digital identification of agri-food products. An innovative solution that directly connects small producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers through information based on the 6S framework for food products (Safe, Salubrious, Sustainable, Satisfactory, Social, and Supportive).

Transparent, reliable, and ethical

Born in Andalusia, our tool gives to consumers transparent, reliable, and ethical information about food products, especially those of small producers and with small presence in the large distribution channels.

On the other hand, producers, distributors, and retailers receive evaluations and obtain useful data from consumer actions, which they can then apply to the improvement of food products and to the betterment of the information that is provided to the consumers.

Information through

smart labelling

Information through smart labelling

Through a code located on the product (or at the point of sale) consumers can find information of interest about:


      Country or place of origin.
      Presence of allergens.
      Sustainability of production.
      Social commitment of the producer.
      Certificates and accreditations.
      Production process.
      Videos and pictures of the producer.
      Opinions and evaluations of consumers.

Bidirectional channel on food products


Objective evaluations carried out by a scientific committee based on the application of the 6S framework for food products (safe, salubrious, sustainable, satisfactory, social, and supportive).


All producers who participate in Naturcode must subscribe to a Code of Ethics that is endorsed by four important consumer associations.


Exchange of useful information occurs among producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.


Information is provided to consumers in a digital format with low environmental impact, which helps them make more responsible and sustainable consumption of food products.

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